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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Caught in the Rain and Other Stories

Every survival kit should include a sense of humor. ~Author Unknown

DC weather come late July-early August can best be summed up as hell. It’s not the same as that southwest/Vegas dry heat, where it’s a scorcher during the day but by evening it cools off. No. This is heat advisory, 100+ degrees, 75% humidity kind of weather. I remember my first summer in DC, four years ago, when you would come in from trekking around the monuments, shower, and then you’d feel the need to shower again, because you are soaking wet. I ran across the street one day to catch my bus and looked as if I had run 10 miles.

You wait everyday for the heat and humidity to dissipate so that maybe once you can step outside without becoming drenched in sweat. I must tell you, that the sweat covered look, is just what I’m going for. There’s no point to make up, don’t even attempt it. And everyday, the weatherman says that “This heat and humidity should let up. There will be scattered thunderstorms later today”. I bring my raincoat or umbrella everyday. The rains never came.

I have fears-we know this. I’m new to work and my biggest fear isn’t fucking up (ok that’s a lie) or showing up with my fly unzipped, it’s getting rained on, soaking wet, wearing a white shirt and having nothing to change in to.

One day last week, I once again made sure that I had my umbrella. I left the office and the sky had become gray, but had been that way for hours without a single drop. I left for the bank, just a few blocks away. My next stop would be subway and a block away I feel the first drop. For the record I was wearing black ankle pants, my mom’s new Birkenstocks, and a white button down Polo shirt. I keep walking, gradually increasing speed.

“If I make it back to work, I can get my umbrella and then go back out to subway.”

More drops fall. I start to run. “If I make it to subway at least I’ll be inside”

It then starts to pour and I take cover under a tree. Around the corner from subway and three blocks from my office. What the hell do I do now? I have no cell, no blackberry, I’m under a tree, which will only work for about 15 minutes. I arrive at the tree and find a coworker, who also is sans umbrella and in a see through top. We hang out for a bit, she blackberries my supervisor, who replies with a laugh.

The rain gets harder. I mean the type of rain where people on I-95 will stop driving, because frankly windshield wipers don’t work. The tree, doesn’t help and my co-worker has the idea to make a run for it to an awning about 10 feet away.

Drenched. Saturated. Sodden. Whatever, that was me, in my white shirt, ‘natural’ hair and my mom’s new shoes. Grrrrrrrrreat.
Thankfully, I was met with laughs and assistance when I got back to the office and given a shirt to wear, that broadcasted my political affiliation.

This morning poor Liz was pooped on by a bird on her way to work. This occurred as she was running for and missing every bus between Dupont and Georgetown.

We’re young, these are our first jobs. Showing up to work wet and wearing see through and/or having been pooped on, isn’t exactly the look we’re going for.

I can laugh about the rain now. Liz is still trying to get bird poop off her skirt. Maybe one day I'll be able to tell you about the day I got stuck in a metro in front of my coworker, after getting drunk at dinner...but there's still time.


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