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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Click on Preferences

"Choice has always been a privilege of those who could afford to pay for it." -Ellen Frankfort

I will drink diet code red mountain dew, before drinking diet coke. Regular coffee is better than that no foam, latte, with a double shot crap. And while we're on that, Dunkin' Donuts over Starbucks any day. I don't care what kind of vodka you use in my vodka tonic, just as long as there's more vodka than tonic-although bonus points if it's Ketel One.

Sending your child to private school only matters if you live in DC. In Albany,NY no one really cares, and you just sound pretentious for announcing that you went to Albany Academy. Private school doesn't matter in college either. I only went because there are no public universities in DC.

Pizza Mart is considerably better than pizza boli, if you want a jumbo slice. But then again, we've just gone over this. I'm sensitive about my pizza and Trader Joe's makes the best frozen pizza in the world. And I'm not afraid to buy and eat three.

I'm obsessed with Adam Smith. He was a genius. Thomas Moore was not. Utopia is bullshit.
While we're speaking of good literature. "Chicklit" isn't literature. Salinger is. But then again, I'm a walking contridiction and I will read Stephanie Klein.

The Senate is better than the House. I can even recite the members of the Senate in alphabetical order. I can name your Senator faster than you can. That includes the state of Idhao for you Craig and Crapo fans.

Going left is better in most every circumstance. And whoever heard of a hot piece of elephant?

Coach is better than Dooney and Burke. Don't come at me with that signature shit either. Coach is good leather not good fabric covered with C's. Nordstrom is better than Neiman Marcus. Don't trust a place that doesn't sell anything above a size 10 in shoes and doesn't take Visa.

Whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, sweet potoato fries, red wine. If I'm going to be bad, I'll try to be slightly good.

Pink looks good, especially in the dead of winter. If you think you might need to go into a tanning booth before wearing pink, I would say you shouldn't be wearing it.

The Hampton's is all about the scene, as is Nantucket. The Vineyard is where it's at.

Pearls over diamonds.
Camping in Washington State over frolicking in St. Tropez.
Kayaking over canoeing.
Golfing over tennis.
Polo over lacoste.
JCrew over Gap. Although Anthropologie can trump them both.

Peg over anyone in the world.

An abundance of friends over a bounty of boys.

Washington over Manhattan.
Rolex is classy. Movado makes me think you'll never really be sure of the time.
Barnes and Noble over Borders.
Target over Walmart. Loehmans over TJ Maxx. By the way Woodbury Commons is the best outlet place ever.

Thai over Chinese.
Chipotle over Baja Fresh.
Veggie burgers over hamburgers.
Madrid over Barcelona.
Window over the aisle.
Morning over night.

I'd prefer to be single and happy with myself than married and miserable not knowing who I am. Although if it does happen, I want someone who knows what he wants.
Adoption over childbirth. But in the event, a midwife over an obstetrician.

If I ask you what you want, don't say "I don't care", because I have no qualms about letting you know my preferences.


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