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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Genesis

“We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?”-Grey’s Anatomy

Talk about great expectations. There was always this want to be older. Everyone does it and everyone goes through it. When you’re 5 you want to be 10 so that you won’t be forced to nap anymore. When you’re 10 you want to be 13, so that you can be in middle school and able to go to the mall alone. When you’re 13 you want to be 14 and in high school. At 14, who doesn’t wish to be 16? Driving is the key to parental freedom. All through high school, graduation and the thought of college far far away, is the only thing that kept me from throwing myself out of a window. And all through college, well, I just wanted to be an adult. By myself. No parents to tell me what to do and/or how to do it. I would be a free woman. Being an adult meant that I would have money to spend how I please (ahem, Nordstrom) and whenever I wanted. It's been such a pleasure watching these expectations as an adult, blow up in my face. No joke, I asked my parents for money three times in the past 72 hours.

Now, out of boredom (yes I'm bored and no I'm not afraid to say it), frustration and good ole fashioned narcissism, I've decided to write about it. Even if just to amuse myself.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

You don't have to worry about just amusing yourself. I'll be here! Sheesh, that sounds kinda creepy.

12:50 PM  

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