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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jam It

"All you gotta do is jump"-Aladdin

He doesn't know that I think that doing the dishes and putting away laundry are a complete waste of a perfectly good day that could be used for golfing. He'll probably look at me funny when I consume four (count 'em four) cans of diet code red, because I'm anxious. He won't allow me to drink an entire bottle of wine by myself, but he will make me share. I will no longer walk around naked. I couldn't do it in front of Kimber so how would I be able to do so in front of him?

He will make me go out and I won't be able to lie about all the things I just have to get done, but I'm really just watching SVU. He'll know and ask where I am going, and I've actually learned to accept that that is ok. I am not sure if he'll be more or less protective than he already is; "Remember that if this white republican is bad to you, it's onward, upward and to the left". He'll check out guys that I even attempt to date.

He'll be lazy with me on sundays because saturdays we'll have both been out and drunk. I secretly love that he wears, polo, pops his color and is enamored by Nantucket, but still likes to hear "wait till you see my oh..."

I've lived in this studio for two and half years. Six months with a roomate and for four months it had to be sublet, but it's still mine. It's been a constant and what I've always gone back to alone, and I've loved that. Two weeks from now, this studio will no longer be mine and Jam will be my new, 'for better or worse roomie'. The last time I lived with someone it was Maria Teresa and Victor. She cooked and cleaned for me, I could understand her, but couldn't form a sentence in spanish to save my life. She knew that I loved tortilla though and knew that I hated when she ironed my pajamas and did everything for me, yet she did it anyway. I figure Jam knows english, so it can't be much worse than that.

There's a part of me nervous about losing my freedom and that I won't get to just lay around and write and read and just be me. The other part of me thinks about how quickly we became friends and that we will remain that way and that his need for a roommate and my need for housing was fate. This is a pretty big step for me, moving away from an area that I've made my life in for the past four years. I'll need a new dry cleaner, grocery store (apparently no one on the Hill goes to Bethesda), nail place, and restaurants.

I'm sitting here smiling because I know that this is all part of that whole growing up thing that I've been trying to avoid, but here it comes in all of its glory.

But here's a secret; I think I might be ready for it.


Blogger Lizzie said...

More power to you- I was never able to successfully do the roommate thing. I guess I'm too much of a selfish iconoclast. Sounds like you've got the right attitude though and that you're keeping an open mind. btw, speaking from personal experience, Bethesda's not so bad. I was pleasantly surprised. I've never been to a dry cleaner and never tried any of the nail places but might I suggest the Safeway near the metro for your shopping needs and Cafe Deluxe for your dining pleasure. Good luck!

10:30 AM  

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