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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Who are you?

"How am I not myself?"-I heart Huckabees

While reading some Vespa-Rosso today and having terrible writer's block, I found this and decided to fill it out. Enjoy-I'm such a dork.

have you ever
Been so drunk you blacked out: yes. My 21st birthday when Julie decided to play “guess the shot”. The shot was gin.

Missed school because it was raining: no, but I did once convince a school nurse to let me go home due to an ice cream headache

Put a body part on fire for amusement: What?!?
Been hurt emotionally: yes. It’s called middle school. And good Lord those therapy bills…

Kept a secret from everyone: It’s all I ever do. My friends think I have a secret life…and I do. It keeps things more interesting

Had an imaginary friend: yup two. Mimi and Hockie.

Cried during a movie: During the last part of Deep Impact when Tea Leoni’s character and her father are standing on the shore waiting for the wave to sweep them away. I used to cry during Beaches all the time, but I got over that.

Had a crush on a teacher: Paco freaking Gomez. He could tell you anything you ever wanted to know about Velazquez’s Las Meninas and then go onto tell you everything about ETA. And those euro-shirts. “Jesus-he’s like the light”…you had to be there.

Ever thought an animated character was hot: Aladdin in that vest. Good Lord.

Had a New Kids on the Block tape: “You got the right stuff…baby…” Need I go on?

Cut your hair: In 5th grade I noticed my widow’s peak and so I decided to Nair it off. I had to cut myself bangs.

when was the last time you:peed your pants: ask my dad. He’ll tell you all about the time I peed in the rental car when we were in Orlando. I was 8.

hugged someone: Monday. Elizabeth Jean.

kissed someone: he he he.

cried over someone: I cried because I was going to miss someone and that was May 6th all the way from Spain to Dulles.

Shampoo: Suave Milk and Honey.

Soap: dove. It takes me back

Color: PINK!

Day or Night: Day.

Summer or winter: I’m from upstate New York where we get all seasons. And we all know that upstate NY is where all the Manhattanites go in the fall for the foliage. We are cool some times.

Lace or satin: how about neither…? Cashmere though…love it!

Cartoon Characters: Doug. Patti Mayonaise was so great.

food: Anything from B. Smith’s or Oceanaire. Pad Thai, pizza, crispy eggplant from Mr. Chen’s…do you want me to go on?

Ice cream: tiramisu gelato from Blue Ice in Rome. Chubby Hubby Ben and Jerry’s.

Fave Subject: diet code red mountain dew and US Congress.

Normal Drink: diet code red mountain dew, Yellowtail Shiraz, Vodka Tonic

right now
clothes you're wearing: blue club monaco sweats, Victoria Secret tank, skagen watch, platinum tiffany’s bracelet, mikimoto pearls (all I ever wear), and a single pearl around my neck, Summer by Kenzo

feeling: tired but full of ideas to write about

Eating: California Pizza Kitchen tostado pizza

Drinking: water from the ol’ Nalgene

Thinking of: All the people I know going back to school right now and how thankful yet sad I am, that I won’t be for the first time in 17 years and what more to write about

Listening to: Law and Order

in the last 24 hours

Cried: yes, last night during House.
Worn a skirt: yup earlier today
Drove a car: no.

Do you believe in:
Yourself: very rarely…I’m the eternal pessimist.

Santa Claus: not anymore

Tooth Fairy: not anymore

destiny/fate: Things just work out in these perfect ways…I don’t get it

Angels: no

Ghosts: no

friends and life:
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope.

Like anyone: I just had a terrible experience, so no. And I love being out of like.

Who do you cry to: The madre.

When did you cry the most: May 5th 2005, immediately after dinner on Avenida Florida all the way through Serrano 41, in the cab on the way back to my host mother’s house (simultaneously crying/throwing up because I was so drunk), in the cab to Barajas, while waiting for my flight to Munich and I stopped there. It was bad.

Best feeling in the world: as of right now, it’s getting nice comments on the blog and just when things go well. But then again, for me, it’s the little things


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