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Thursday, September 01, 2005


*So I wrote an earlier post. It was semi-thoughtful but rushed. Now I'm posting something different, because I couldn't articulate very well, all that I wanted to say earlier.

"You want Romantic? Where's my clarinet?"-Jeffery Euginedes, Middlesex

1. My name-Heather-is a type of purple Scottish flower. It’s number 12 on the list of top 20 whitest girl’s names.
2. I am 21.
3. Hillary Clinton and I share the same birthday.
4. My second internship was with Hillary Clinton. I’ve met her three times and have met her husband once.
5. I want Hillary Clinton’s seat in the US Senate.
6. I can name at least one Senator from every state.
7. My parents are divorced.
8. I’m closer to my mom than my dad.
9.I call my mom by her first name-Peg. My friends do as well. My brother calls her babe, so Peg isn’t that bad.
10. My father is from Birmingham and my mother is from West Virginia. But their children are from upstate NY.
11. I’ve never not lived in a capital city: Albany, Washington, DC, Madrid.
12. My current boss ran for President-and that’s about all I’ll mention about him.
13. I’m a HUGE Democrat. And it’s really important to me.
14. I love my job and I am lucky that I got a job at my first choice place.
15. I have three brothers. Two are older and one is younger. 16. I once stuck a pool stick in the spokes of my brother’s bike and he ran into a wall. My mother then used the pool stick on me.
17. When my mother was pregnant with my brother I tried to feed him French fries through her belly button.
18. I’ve gotten stitches twice (not from the pool stick incident), but no broken bones.
19. I can only wear 14 Karat gold or above and platinum or something hypoallergenic. I’m allergic to silver.
20. I have multiple best friends to fit my multiple personalities. I am nothing like any of them.
21. I went to Girl Scout camp for 13 years.
22. My camp name is Mushu after the dragon in Mulan.
23. I’ll answer to Heather, Heather B., HB, Heath Bar, Heath, Heath Bar Crunch, H to the B Xzibit, Mushu, and Moose Poop in a Shoe.
24. Between 7th grade and 10th grade I failed one class per academic quarter.
25. My 9th grade social studies teacher failed me and then threatened to do so again. I had him for AP European History the next year and I got a 4 on the AP test. He still talks about me to his students.
26. My all time favorite teacher’s name is Mr. Nelligan. He taught AP Public Policy. I got a 4 on that AP test as well.
27. I entered college with 28 college credits, but it still took me 4 years to finish college. Mostly because I took 12 credits per semester.
28. I majored in Communications, Law, Economics and Government (CLEG)
29. I wanted to be a Neonatologist, but I failed biology.
30. I got a tatoo on my ankle because I couldn't get my tounge pierced. I also have my tragus pierced.
31. "You want romantic? Where's my clarinet?" Is my favorite quote from a book
32. I once wanted to have a baby daughter named Savannah. Now I don’t want any children.
33. I’m double jointed in my fingers and sometimes my elbow comes out of its socket.
34. I’m a quarter Irish and I'm black.
35. I once used Nair in my hair to get rid of a widow’s peak. I fucked up and had to cut myself bangs.
36. I cut off all of my hair this past January and I refuse to ever get another relaxer or get my hair braided.
37. I used to be a smoker, even though my grandfather died from lung cancer.
38. I can play the clarinet, bassoon, and bass clarinet. I’m very good at the clarinet.
39. In 8th grade I wrote a note to a friend stating that my Social Studies teacher was really fat and had a huge stomach. The teacher found out. I got detention and I couldn’t go to the Moving Up Day dance.
40. I once lost 50lbs. I gained 30 of it back.
41. In 7th grade a kid that used to be a very good friend of mine got everyone to start calling me Butter. I still cringe when I hear that word. The kid who started it died this past March.
42. I want to go to graduate school to study Education Policy but prior to that I want to do Teach for America.
43. Everything I want to do when I ‘grow up’ will never make me very much money. But I don’t do it for the money I do it for the cause.
44. I’m terrible with money, but with Suze Orman I’m learning.
45. I learned to read when I was three. I used to read in the bathroom and in the shower. The first story I learned to read was the story of Cain and Abel.
46. When I was 8 years old, Edgar Allen Poe was my favorite author. I made my mom read “The Tale Tell Heart” to me before bed.
47. I’ve read every Little House on the Prairie book.
48. I’ve never had braces therefore my teeth are naturally very straight.
49. I won’t eat anything smaller than fettuccini. Anything smaller makes me think of worms going down my throat.
50. My favorite candy bar is a Take 5 bar.
51. I want a chocolate fountain in my bedroom. If I could choose only two things to dip into the fountain it would be pretzels and bananas. This is a daily work conversation.
52. I worked on a presidential campaign fulltime while taking 13 credits worth of classes. It was my best semester in three years.
53. Campaign work is the most challenging and tiring job, but I want to do at least two more before I settle down.
54. I want to have a town house in Georgetown and a jaguar or Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Although I doubt it will ever happen.
55. I drive a mercury sable. It’s about as cool as a ford 500, but it at least has a sunroof. I used to drive a mini van, up until last year.
56. I shop way above my means, which is probably why I never have any money.
57. I drink and talk about diet code red mountain dew, more than any other person I know.
58. I believe strongly in organized labor, therefore I don’t shop at Walmart.
59. I’ve been to Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, The Netherlands, Morocco, and Portugal
60. I would like to go to France, Iceland, Australia, Southern Africa, Egypt, Dubai, Thaliand and Fiji.
61. For awhile I wanted to go to the Peace Corps, which is the original reason for why I started growing out my hair to go natural.
62. I went to Madrid for my final semester at school, because George Bush won again.
63. Lisbon, Portugal is my favorite city in the world.
64. I went to American University.
65. I got into Cornell and was going to major in Industrial and Labor Relations. But then I realized that Ithaca is too fucking cold.
66. I won’t cry in public.
67. Many first impressions of me are that I am a heartless bitch. It’s not true. But I can be slightly bitchy.
68. My favorite restaurant is Linda Jean’s in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts.
69. I drink excessive amounts of Shiraz and I’m just mildly obsessed with it.
70. My favorite phrases are “mildly obsessed” and “love it”
71. I’m deathly afraid of Clowns
72. I’m also afraid of Chucky the doll from Child’s Play. Once it was an advertisement on my AIM so I couldn’t look at my buddy list for the entire day.
73. My favorite movie is the Contender. It’s about a woman Senator who is tapped to become Vice President.
74. My favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck.
75. I’ve read everything by JD Salinger.
76. I own the BAP (Black American Princess) Handbook. It’s scary how much I can relate to it.
77. I love to golf, kayak, and do yoga
78. I’ve never been in love.
79. I’m single by choice.
80. I loved living alone, but I now have a roommate who is like my brother.
81. Listening to golf, the Chicago Bears or Star Trek puts me to sleep.
82. When I was a baby, my parents used to drive me around in the car to put me to sleep. I can’t be in a car or moving vehicle without falling asleep now. This includes planes.
83. I’ve received one speeding ticket. It was for doing 75 in a 45 trying to get back to my High School to turn in a scholarship application.
84. I’ve been towed three times. Once to Anacostia (a neighborhood in DC) and since then I’ve learned to read parking signs.
85. I’ve seen every episode of The OC (all 50 of them) and cry when an advertisement for it comes on.
86. I’m extremely neurotic.
87. What turns me off most from people, is when they act like I’m annoying or bothering them.
88. Until 8th grade I was labeled the annoying girl and spent many an afternoon crying in the bathroom.
89. In 8th grade twins Tia and Topaz came to my school and I turned into a huge bitch. Now I’m at a happy medium.
90. I had a therapist for a year and half. She was great.
91. I am a pescitarian. I used to be a vegetarian.
92. My father doesn’t understand why I am a pescitarian or why I went to school in DC. I refuse to budge on either.
93. I neither want to be married or have children. But that might change.
94. If I were to get married it would be on Martha’s Vineyard and I would walk down the aisle to Pachabel’s Canon. But you know, I haven’t thought about it at all.
95. My favorite scent is Hana Muri.
96. My Aunt Rachel is one of my favorite people in the world, but we used to fight on a regular basis.
97. I once called my cousin Lydia a bitch in the middle of the mall. She hated me and my brother. Now we talk on a regular basis.
98. Listening to gospel makes me tear up. I think it’s the southern in me.
99. I believe in God.
100.I wear pearls everyday.
101. I’ve had the same Christmas Eve/Day tradition for about 17 years. Movies and lunch with my dad on Christmas Eve. My dad comes over at 8:30am on Christmas Day. My brother and I are 21 and 19 respectively, I doubt it will ever change.
102. I was afraid of dogs until I had to dog sit for my boss. I now want two. Atticus and Phoebe. 103. I want to write one great novel like Harper Lee.
104. I am mildly obsessed with Oprah. For my 16th birthday, my mother, aunts and I went to Chicago for the weekend and we went to her show.


Blogger Lizzie said...

That's very cool that you've met Hillary and Bill. What was it like?

7:54 AM  
Blogger Heather B. said...

They're both nice people. Senator Clinton actually remembered me (because I had met her twice in such a short period).

8:27 AM  
Blogger Aunt Rachel said...

Glad I made #96. I still think you're a little crazy, but I love you anyway. Also, did we really fight that much? As for # 98, it's not the southern in you that causes that, it's #99. Love you, Aunt Rachel

5:06 AM  
Blogger Cyber Preacher said...

Glad to see #99. Pursue it with all your heart, sould and mind.

12:26 PM  

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