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Thursday, September 15, 2005

In Which I Say Nothing

"Oh fool, fool fool"-Othello

  • If you're lucky, you might get a post later
  • I'm too hungover to write a coherent sentence
  • This guy is awesome.
  • I'm watching Napoleon Dynamite at work.
  • Yes people at work know this.
  • I love dear friend Julie. From now on she is dfj.
  • I contemplated writing about dear friend Pam and how much it sucks when after graduation everyone goes away. Maybe I still will.
  • I still hate Bank of America.
  • I love me some Women in Politics.
  • I forgot to add in 104 that my hands are larger than the hands of most men, this includes my father.
  • I met another female with hands my size last night.
  • Oh I love Women in Politics thanks in large part to Liz.
  • Damn I need to write.
  • In 11th grade Honors English, we read Othello. Except I forgot to read it. And when our teacher asked us to pick out a line to read and give it's significance, I picked "Oh fool, fool, fool"
  • I'm contemplating writing a song about my coworkers. It would be called "Everyday Feels Like Friday".
  • The End.


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