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Friday, October 14, 2005

No, Seriously

We’re both private college educated individuals, who know everything about Adam Smith, but this is what we choose to talk about at work. Shut up. (And I’m feeling none too prolific today, so this is what you’re getting)

JB: did u hear you can now download abc shows (aka DH) to your itunes?
HeatherB: shut up!
HeatherB: how do you do this?
JB: you just buy it off of itunes
JB: cuz the new ipod can play videos
HeatherB: I think I might invest in one
HeatherB: but since we're going paycheck to paycheck
HeatherB: that won't be for awhile
JB: hahah, finance one like i did
HeatherB: did you get the new one?
JB: nah, i just got an old one like 3 weeks ago
JB: but i have the warranty
JB: so i think in a little bit i am going to break mine purposely
JB: and get a new one

I was watching Laguna Beach. Because obviously I don’t have any other important things to do:

HeatherB: and oh my god Talan asked kristin to prom
HeatherB: eww
JB: haha
JB: yeah ewww
HeatherB: sorry, I'm really engrossed in this
HeatherB: like Kristin just practically singed Alex's eyebrow off
HeatherB: holy shit
HeatherB: and deep conversation between Cedric and Alex M.
JB: yeppers
HeatherB: and all of those fuckers had to go to prom in the same limo
HeatherB: they don't even like each other
HeatherB: and OH MY GOD look at this pre prom party
HeatherB: wtf
HeatherB: god I hope they're drunk
HeatherB: it's like god damn papparazi
HeatherB: I'm definately having a Laguna running commentary by myself
JB: haha
HeatherB: that you're totally welcome to read later
JB: it is all staged
JB: after reading the e article i understand
HeatherB: why is Jason kissing Alex
HeatherB: ewwww
JB: yeah, she is sooo gross
JB: what did you end up doing the other day? (meaning yesterday when I contemplated getting myself hit by a bus)
JB: what did your mom suggest?
HeatherB: she was like I'm coming monday night it will be fine
HeatherB: then she said asshole, bastard, and shit
HeatherB: and I kinda peed myself
HeatherB: and she's taking me to corduroy on monday night
HeatherB: so all is well

There you have it. The keys to making me happy, Laguna, good food (you better be right Mr. Foodie), and I just found out that I’m going to Bliss for my birthday.

Happy Weekend…

<> Starting next Friday, due to the brilliance of JB, I'm starting "Bitches are Whack Fridays". BAWF for short.


Blogger Sub Girl said...

oh, how i heart laguna beach. and ugh, i hate alex with a passion!

1:50 PM  
Blogger RitMeyer said...

Laguna makes EVERYTHING better. Always! I miss highschool, being responcible and shit sucks sometimes. Oh, well.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Lizzie said...

the new iPod plays videos?! dude! gotta get me one of those.

btw, nothing wrong with your keys to happiness!

1:54 PM  
Blogger AJH said...

Isn't it sad to think we peaked intellectually at 22?
Your conversations seem downright intelligent compared to those I endured last year working with production workers at an automobile factory. Many of them barely know what an Ipod is. I've learned to be thankful for the small pleasures.

2:10 PM  
Blogger Heather B. said...

I've decided that there is nothing to be shameful of when speaking of Laguna, everybody does it. I will admit it and write about it until I'm blue in the face. Or until Talan realizes that Kristin sucks or someone calls Casey a whore to her face, or until the cliques are living happy ever after.

12:50 AM  

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