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Monday, October 31, 2005


I walked into work today, with plans to see Rosa Parks (after getting a talking to by my parents) this evening after standing in line with thousands. I even brought my In Style with me to read while in line. I get to work and find out that yes, there will be Rosa Parks but at her memorial service. With actual dignitaries. Important people and me (with my boss, who is also important, but I’ve gotten out of the “oh my god, you’re you and I’m freaking out” stage with my boss. But actual famous (like umm possibly Oprah and ummm, the cabinet) and me. And I have muster up whatever acting skills I may have (or not) and play adult. I’m not good at playing adult. Trust me, I have witnesses.

Excuse me while I flip my shit and do breathing exercises. Seriously.

*Ok I met-more like my boss forced me to say hello to-Cicely Tyson and I had to keep from quoting Fried Green Tomatoes...ummm and today has been so freaking random and just weird. And I've been a very bad blog reader, because I haven't been in my office the entire day and now I will be here until 8 doing work. blah.


Blogger Sharkbait said...

Sounds sweet. I am sure you will be great! Be sure to tell us all about it.

I wish my boss would let me sneak away...oh well...Someday WE will be the important ones toting our followers behind! :-)

11:18 AM  
Blogger Pink Lemonade Diva said...

tell Rosa a little thanks for me too.

4:30 PM  

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