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Friday, July 28, 2006

Things I don't know a thing about: #457

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ~Albert Einstein

Brought to you by:
Miriam Verburg
Tiffany Brown

Or: Design/Style/Customization/I seriously think I just deleted my template. HELP!

Preface: BabyJewels designed my blog. It’s purty and so very me. Contrary to popular belief it was her idea for the picture of Pam, the tagline, the colors. All I said was “Please don’t make this shit Pepto Bismol pink. Thanks” She did the rest and she did quite the fantastic job. Again, with the emails that end in ‘Sucka!’ I love it and now it’s just my thing. The picture of Pam is my thing and if you steal my tagline or Pam I will come after you sucka! And there is some customization for ya.

Other than that I know nothing about designing anything. I just figured out what CSS stands for. I fear that one day Pam will get a little old and I’ll probably cry then beg for help. So, guess what! I’m going to learn to help myself! Amazing!

Before I start this I should admit something, I know I just said that I knew what CSS stands for, but I don't. I am a liar.

Moving on...

I'm laughing because Mir just asked who in the room knows about HTML coding is...I'm the only one in the room who answered that I don't know anything about HTML. What does HTML mean? I'm already confused.

To be covered: Whether or not to do it yourself? Ummmmmm...yeah. I guess it should be OK if I'm severely inept. Mir just suggested a Pow Wow during cocktail hour. Yes! CSS coding over a vodka tonic! Of course!

If one decides to not DIY who should you go with? Someone advanced? Which will be more money but they have the benefits of experience they are also professional. With a less experienced designer there is the risk of that person learning as they are going along and suddenly your 'salmon pink' background looks like someone puked up pepto bismol on your blog. But I guess some may enjoy that.

When I needed a new template, I gave no specifications, and I got ridiculously lucky and I love it. But don't do that. Like, ever. Be specific, define what you are looking for which will help both you and the developer also include a budget. I got mine for free, but that probably won't happen on the next go round.

It is the designer/developers responsibility to install and produce design and technology elements as well as keep work up to standards and communicate (!!) with their client...and of course finish on time. The client is responsible to provide required content and to give feedback when requested.

Ok, now to the technical stuff that I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. And Tiffany is talking at a normal person speed whereas I cannot keep up because I am trying to absorb and type and seriously, what does CSS mean?

Cascading style sheets. I feel better already.

But there will be a hands on section, which I do far better with, which I am going to safely assume that others work considerably better with as well.

Apparently most web designers begin with the same basic two column layout, by defining the margins and setting the body. It also means setting and defining the width of the page, so that no matter what browser is being used, the page will always have the same height/width.

Making the header involves H1 tags, the higher the tag number, the smaller the font becomes.

After a header is to set a navigating tool bar at the top of the page, for example in typepad, you can have an about page, links, etc.

Then the sidebar, which is the part that I always screw up and it's very sad. And after the sidebar is the footer which isn't all that exciting...oh, but copyright is very important and that is usually at the end of a page. Heed the copyright.

Apparently this is all very basic and Mir said that if there were a session on CSS Ninja, then she wouldn't be doing it. Sadly for me, this feels like CSS Ninja, so I will become a slave to Mir and desperate for help.

Wait, did you know that you can use pictures instead of bullets for sidebar links?? Well, you can. (Learning and teaching the severely moronic is what BlogHer is all about kids)

If you go to photoshop and get a picture 16x 16 pixels you can replace the bullets to become stars or puppies or rainbows or a bottle of grey goose if you so please.

This entire session was done on slides which are to be available at the links below. I strongly suggest going there because I was too busy absorbing and wondering how I got a blog when I know nothing, to write half of the things that were said. I will be visiting their sites. You should too:

And now, we drink. A lot.


Blogger Jezer said...

Ok, so you totally made me feel like I was there. Well, almost. And now I have some starting points for learning how to compuhletely jack my blog up. It'll be fun, though, right?

Thanks for the rundown.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Foodmomiac said...

You are a liveblogging goddess.

12:24 PM  

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